Saturday, June 2, 2012

We are Still Here, Just a Lil Busy!!

What a crazy busy life we all lead and yet I don't think I would want it any other way!  We are busy chasing kids most of the time.  I don't think there is a day on my planner in June that we don't have at least something going on.  Most of the days, is more like 3-4 things going on!!  We now have 3 kids in competitive cheer leading for the Little Steps Cheer team.  Dylan will be on the Senior team this year, Sydnie will still be on Mini, and Xavier is starting the venture on Tiny!! And boy are we excited.  Dylan will be doing some jump offs individually as well.  He has landed his round off back tuck all by himself, even off of the spring loaded floor, so I can only imagine what the spring loaded floor will give him!!!  And Sydnie is close to landing her back handspring!  Xavier, well, lets just say class clown??  and very cute!!  LOL  We are super excited to get started with this season and see how the kids progress at their love and passion for tumbling!!
Madison did super in 7th grade, brought home all A's on her final report card.  She is training for the start of the volleyball season this fall.  She also has found a love for making money:-)  She has been working with Michael everyday since she was out of school, and is catching on and loving her time with Dad. 
Along with volleyball and cheer, we are also participating in the Summer Reading program, Totus Tuus, Vacation Bible School, softball and baseball (in which we go 4 nights out of the week), and fitting all this in amongst swimming and other summer fun.  We start our poker run season tonight, and have one planned for the next three weeks.  Michael and I love to get the bikes out and on the open road with all our friends and have a great time.
I am going to try to keep this a little more up to date than what I have done.  And get some recent and fun pictures uploaded as well.  Thanks to all our readers.

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