Saturday, June 2, 2012

We are Still Here, Just a Lil Busy!!

What a crazy busy life we all lead and yet I don't think I would want it any other way!  We are busy chasing kids most of the time.  I don't think there is a day on my planner in June that we don't have at least something going on.  Most of the days, is more like 3-4 things going on!!  We now have 3 kids in competitive cheer leading for the Little Steps Cheer team.  Dylan will be on the Senior team this year, Sydnie will still be on Mini, and Xavier is starting the venture on Tiny!! And boy are we excited.  Dylan will be doing some jump offs individually as well.  He has landed his round off back tuck all by himself, even off of the spring loaded floor, so I can only imagine what the spring loaded floor will give him!!!  And Sydnie is close to landing her back handspring!  Xavier, well, lets just say class clown??  and very cute!!  LOL  We are super excited to get started with this season and see how the kids progress at their love and passion for tumbling!!
Madison did super in 7th grade, brought home all A's on her final report card.  She is training for the start of the volleyball season this fall.  She also has found a love for making money:-)  She has been working with Michael everyday since she was out of school, and is catching on and loving her time with Dad. 
Along with volleyball and cheer, we are also participating in the Summer Reading program, Totus Tuus, Vacation Bible School, softball and baseball (in which we go 4 nights out of the week), and fitting all this in amongst swimming and other summer fun.  We start our poker run season tonight, and have one planned for the next three weeks.  Michael and I love to get the bikes out and on the open road with all our friends and have a great time.
I am going to try to keep this a little more up to date than what I have done.  And get some recent and fun pictures uploaded as well.  Thanks to all our readers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Much Has Changed!!

Wow! Yes, we are still here. Just took a very, very long vacation. I am looking back at my posts and realize, just how long its been. Sooooo..... I am just gonna start over. As of today, Michael's business is thriving, and we are blessed for that. We currently have 2 employees, plus him and myself. He is coaching football for the 3rd and 4th grade team, and he does love this. Last September, we got our second Harley, and Ultra Classic. And boy we do love this luxury ride in the wind. In February of this year, we go both bike custom painted. I will try to post pictures later of them. They are sweet, thanks to the artist, Michael's cousin, Paul.
In the midst of our vacation, I have become an entrepreneur, and opened my own little gift shop. I still do all the accounting and bookwork for the electrical business, just now it is out of the house kinda work, and along side of that, I have my store. It is so much fun to find new things to fill the shelves. I still stay busy with the kids and the house, but it is fulfilling to be "back at work".
Madison is now in Jr High school. She is playing volleyball with the Centralia Panther team at school. She is still not a grace full girl, but she is trying her best, and I see her striving to improve, which is important. Her grades are still good, and she seems to really like school. She is into hanging out with her friends more and more, and I guess these are all signs, that my little girl is growing into a beautiful young lady. She will be a teenager in 5 short months.
Dylan is still into every sport available to him. He is currently playing soccer, and is probably one of the fastest ones on the team. He loves this sport probably almost the best of all sports and really puts effort into being better. He is still playing the saxophone, and impresses us with his talent. He is currently in the 6th grade, and is learning what it takes to make it through jr high and high school. It is taking a little more effort than he likes to put into it, but with time, we will get through it.
Sydnie, is now in the 2nd grade. She has recently become a member of the Little Steps competitive cheer leading team. They start competition in November and to this point she loves this challenge. She is currently working on perfecting her back hand spring on her own. She is the biggest prissy little tom boy you will ever meet. Never a challenge she won't face. And she is always looking for her best dress to wear to the farm to jump on the hay bales. She too is currently playing soccer, and has had a great start to her season.
That brings me to Xavier! Omg! Omg! This vibrant little 3 year old is full of love and compassion and is still ornery as you'll get out. He started full time day care last spring, and this fall goes to daycare 4 days a week, and preschool 4 half days a week. He loves to ride to school on the big school bus. We are very fortunate to have the preschool facility in our school district. He is finally starting to grow and actually improved his over all size from under 10 percent at his 2 year check up to just around 30 percent at his 3 year check up. He loves to hang with daddy, and help to feed the cows, ride the 4 wheeler or motorcycle, tractor, skid loader, or anything else. He is truly a little farm boy.
So that is where we stand today. It is still a busy wonderful life, that I wouldn't change for the world, even though there are days I wonder. Who Doesn't??? Until we meet again.....................

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fall Photos

Just a few of the great pics my sis got of us earlier this fall. These are mostly unedited, so they are just candid. And just a few of the ones I want to get posted. Enjoy

Monday, January 3, 2011

Good bye to 2010, Hello 2011

So, time is already passing quickly, and I haven't even gotten new photos uploaded. I wish I could turn the clock backwards, or at least slow it way down. I do hope to get some photos up tomorrow.
We had some great time with family over the holidays, and also gained a new family member. Michael got me a shorkie for Christmas and he has been with us for a couple weeks now. His name is Deuce and we are really enjoying him. I will get a picture of him up tomorrow too (hopefully). I will be working on year end for the business so we will have to see.
So here's to hoping you all have had a great start to 2011, and hope it is a good year all the way through. More tomorrow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Are Back!!

Oh my, where do I start? A whole year has almost passed since I have really blogged. It has been incredibly busy, and I miss visiting all the blogs I used to visit as well as blogging my self. So this is just a quick hello to say I am going to be updating our blog with posts and new pictures ( I think they are well overdue). And I hope all our old visitors will return along with lots of new peeps. So stay tuned for the overhaul. I am sure it will be a long one:)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

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